About Us

On the day of opening, Equilibrium was India’s first indoor bouldering gym. Built with the intention to introduce people to the world of climbing while being the training ground for elite climbers that the city has seen in the past few decades.

Founded by Mr Keerthi Pais (Co-Chairman IMF National Sport Climbing Committee). Who during his time as the coach of the Indian National Team and the Illustrious Outback Climbing Team produced/ trained The Finest Sport climbing athletes India has seen. To name a few Vathsala MN, Archana Jadhav, Praveen CM, Chea Marak, Bharath Periera, Shanti Rani, Neha Prakash etc. Under his Tutelage the athletes produced 23 international Medals including the First medal and the First Gold medals. On a regular day in Equilibrium, one would find first timers, amateurs and elite, world class climbers climbing alongside each other, under one roof. The first equilibrium facility was opened in Residency road in 2013. Now, after relocating to a bigger and better venue that offers lead climbing and speed climbing to visitors, the stage is set to further spread the cheer of climbing and outdoors to the whole city.