Rock trips are all about going back to where it all began - the great outdoors. Equilibrium may be a closed space with plastic holds for climbing, but eventually, our desire is that more people step outside for an adventure and climb formations that have stood for a thousand years. Climbing indoors strengthens and teaches you movements that you can take into the outside world and elicit maximum fun from outdoor visits. There is learning in climbing both indoor and outdoor. The RockTrips ensure you are exposed to both worlds in equal measures.


  • Multiday trips to Badami and Hampi
  • Weekendescapades (Daytrips)

Besides the various climbing destinations around Bangalore that have been climbed at for many years, we take the members to new areas established by the equilibrium team. These new areas are unexplored and thrilling as the potential to open new routes is unending. Many a time, we head out on exploratory trips that are all about finding undiscovered spots, unclimbed rock. Some of the areas opened by the Equilibrium team: Magadi, Varalakonda, Heggunda, Avathi, Nelamangala, Gethnaa area (ramnagar)