About Climbing

Who can climb?

If you have a body, you can climb. Young, old, weak and strong - the tags fall flat when it comes to climbing. Because, very literally, anybody can climb. A blundering myth that everybody prescribes to at first glance is the belief that climbing or bouldering requires upper body strength. Upper body strength and rawpower in general can only take you so far in the sport. The most handy muscle that makes progress possible on the wall, is the mind.

Being aware of the body, being mindful of the route at hand and planning those delicate twists and turns that make all the difference - this is how efficient climbing is done. In a nutshell, climbing is for anybody and everybody. uences and boulder Problems. Most importantly, it teaches you how to keep your wits about you, at times when it matters. In essence, to climb is to submit yourself to be moulded by a most skilful sculptor..

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What climbing can do?

Every time you climb, you change a little. Physically, your body is quickly adapting to movement and conditioning. Its changing itself to do more and be more. With every day, theres a difference in the way you move. Strength, flexibility, endurance finding balance - they are only byproducts.

Mentally, climbing can induce an overwhelming feeling of joy - upon finishing a route, learning a new move or completing a training session. It can become addictive for reasons you would want it to be addictive. It equips you to develop your thinking capabilities to finish challenging.

Climbing Vs Other sport

Climbing teaches to use your being in entirety. You are not just using your wrists or your legs or your arms. You are using every bit of yourself, every minute. Your entire body is engaged and ready for the next move and the move after that. You take your mind off one part and you risk coming off the wall.

Your mind is working furiously, weighing the various possibilities. Theres a hundred ways to get from one hold to another. But you need to find which way works best for you. One size does not fit all, when it comes to climbing. You are constantly readjusting, recalculating and moving forward. You are in every sense of the word, busy, while climbing. Most importantly, you learn to not categorise your capabilities as physical and mental, you learn to recognise your self as one.